Week 4

Our trip the the PR firm yesterday was really interesting. The focus on B2B marketing and PR was something I’ve never looked into before, but it was cool to hear the different ways that ABI uses it with their clients. I’m a marketing minor, so this could be something that I have to do when […]

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Week 3

This week’s field trip was hands down my absolute favorite. I cannot believe we stood in the exact rooms that Winston Churchill carried out operations from during the war. I was amazed at how many things in the war rooms were left exactly the same. My favorite rooms were the map room and all of […]

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Week 2

This week’s trip was my favorite yet. Getting to go have tea with everyone was so much fun, and the musical was great. I have had English tea before, but I have definitely never had tea actually in England. Scones are pretty different here, but I guess we do them wrong and England does them […]

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Week 1

This week we went to the Bank of England museum and the Imperial War museum. The Bank was really fun, I’d say the coolest part was the giant gold bar they had on display. I didn’t know that England had a financial district (didn’t even know what that was actually), but the whole area seemed […]

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Crisis in the News

London Fire News Article When I woke up this morning, my phone was going off on the nightstand next to me. I’d fallen asleep unusually early the night before, so I had quite a few messages. But the first thing that caught my eye on the screen was a news headline, not a text message. […]

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